How you can take care about amber?

The unique beauty of amber and daring modern designs make amber jewellery popular. More and more people are willing to acquire it to keep in their jewellery collection. How should we insure its beauty over the years? First of all, we should take care to store amber jewellery appropriately. The best thing is to roll jewellery in a piece of cotton or silk, then pack it into a plastic bag and store it in a closed place, for example a special jewellery chest. It is a good idea to pack each piece of jewellery separately, because in this way we will avoid scratching stone against each other. When we wear amber jewellery we should remember that it should not have any contact with water, detergents and alcohol. We should put on amber jewellery only after giving any perfume, deodorants and varnish an interval to settle. We should always take off amber jewellery before bathing, washing dishes or extended jogging. Although amber is quite resistant to chemicals its surface can become dull easily under the influence of external factors.

The second thing we can do is good care of amber jewellery. The parts of the jewellery that are made of noble metal should be cleaned and polished with appropriate tissues which are available in jeweler’s shops. At the same time it is crucial to remember that amber should not be rubbed with these tissues as it may be damaged by the chemicals the tissues are soaked in. The stone should be rubbed with a clean soft piece of cloth, bearing in mind that it cannot be done very vigorously as amber is soft. Never clean amber jewellery with any jewellery lotion as it is not appropriate for cleaning and conservation of amber, and it will almost certainly make the surface of amber dull. What shall we do if our amber jewellery has lost its glitter or if we have encountered an old dusty pendant that used to belong to our great-grandmother? There are some home methods to restore the previous luster of our precious possessions and treasure. Nevertheless each of these methods is connected with a risk of damaging our jewellery. Because of this, we recommend to bring your jewellery to a jeweler’s shop which can provide this service without taking any risk. Our shop at Dluga Street 8/14 accepts commissions to clean and conserve amber and silver jewellery.