How you can make an amber tincture ?

Small pieces of raw and non-proceeded amber should be put into a small bottle then covered with alcohol in such a way that all amber will be under the surface of liquid ( the most common proportion is 25 grams of amber per 100 ml of spirit). The bottle should be left for two weeks in a dark warm place and shaken a few times. After two weeks the spirit will change its colour. When it becomes gold and brown, the tincture is ready to be used. After having used up the whole tincture the amber should be taken out of the bottle, ground down and poured over with spirit again. Amber can be used only twice.

Amber tincture has a wide usage. For instance, it may soothe a pain, especially a rheumatic pain. In the case of nerve roots and a rheumatic pain it is good to rub some tincture into aching places; in the case of tiredness and a headache it is necessary to rub some liquid into the nape of your neck, your wrist and temples. Amber tincture warms the body, but a few drops of this liquid mixed with a glass of water destroy microorganisms in the alimentary canal and help cure colds; it has the proprieties of a natural antibiotic.